Some links that seem to be valuable for homeschooling in Panama

Here are some links we found around the legalities

Our understanding is that prior to 2021, Homeschooling was tolerated, especially among expats but not strictly legal.

Further, our understanding is that it is explicitly legal since 2021. See this post Panama ( from a USA based homeschool legal organization Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)

The legislation (PDF) in Spanish is here: Latin American (Spanish) Homeschool association (also entirely in Spanish) Homeschooling (

And then this link for "without (sin) school (escuela) organization" for Latin America.

panama:inicio OLASE

Looking for links on these:

  • Anything on the rules that must be followed for homeschooling legally in Panama, if it makes a difference, for expats (permanent and temporary residents) raising children in Panama especially.
  • Any links to groups of homeschooling families in Panama (in other words, links to sites that seek to do what this site is doing - we aren't trying to compete! We're just trying to connect.) Ideally, we find links to both English and Spanish groups. And yes, we understand that a lot of how Panama works is not through the Internet but through personal connections on the ground, so any connections that way would be great too, and if you don't want the connections shared on this site, just with us personally, we are fine with that too and will honour that.
  • Any other links you think we should include. We'd love reciprocal links, but we are also happy just to provide links for ourselves and others without reciprocity.