Watch here for updates, we are still in the dream phase, we've started homeschooling in Canada in Sept 2023, getting ready for more.

Home School Panama

We'd like to see a community of homeschoolers: in Panama

My family is homeschooling in Panama starting in 2024. I'd like to help set up a community of families who are homeschooling in Panama to meet with, do activities with and socialize with, or if there are one(s) we just haven't found yet - please contact us and put us in contact with them. We are hoping to be spending a large portion of our year in Panama by Sept 2024, The exact timing is based on several personal factors, the big one - we are waiting for the name changes to go through so we can get passports.

What are we selling?

Nothing! We are taking advantage of Dad's expertise at running software companies since version 0.9 of the WWW* to help create a community of homeschoolers - regardless of which homeschool organization (if any) you are connected with. At this point in time we don't even have any affiliate links! Though someday we might add that.

  • That was back when web pages were text ONLY. Before the about 1993 release of Mosaic, a browser that supported pictures, and the about 1995 release of JavaScript! and search engines were named "Archie" "Veronica" and the like. Long before AskJeeves and then BackRub (which became Google.) Well, actually he started his first software company years before the WWW, back in 1980.

Who are we, why did we get this domain?

A note from Mom and Dad: my wife and I ore 'older', we have 4 adult children and we've adopted, as of Jan 2024, a 11(F), 10(M), 9(M) and 9(F) year old set of children, they have been with us most of their life, they were foster children in Canada, born in Canada, and lived with us most of their lives except for the times that that Child and Family services deemed it 'beneficial' to be with the bio-parents. We have a good relationship with the bio-moms, and are seeing steady improvement in their behaviors, most of the time you'd never know they came from a troubled environment. The legal form of adoption for 3 of our kids is called 'Private Guardianship' granted in mid 2023. Our oldest bio-daughter is one of the 3 co-guardians of 3 of the kids. Yes it's complicated! She is legally both mom and sister.

Interested in building a community?

For now, if you are interested, just sign up by filling out the contact us form.

Where do we go from here?

We will try to coordinate some events when we are landed. We are open to suggestions of how others would like this site to grow. We are not looking to make any money from this. Dad owns an international software company that sells to medium and large corporations and governments, and that is where our income comes from. This site is purely philanthropic, and once our kids age out in a decade or so, we'll likely look for someone to take this site over from us.