How to create click bait on Youtube, a lesson for my children.

There are a lot of out right lies on the internet purported to be the truth. One quick way to pick up on a large number of them is to notice the "computer" voice. It sounds like a human, but it's cadence - the lack of pauses, the consistent speaking speed throughout the lie - the story.

My daughters 11 and 8, when I told them several times: that story is a fake, a lie, to get you to click 'like' so they can earn money from your 'like'.

We had a conversation, and they asked me, but HOW would someone like that be able to create SO MANY stories in a few days. I said, easy, use AI. (Personally, i've used AI off and on since 1979 - but in late 2022, it became very useable by anyone.)

They wanted proof, so I started by entering the following prompt:

I want a 3000 word story that would be good for getting likes on youtube, it is a Christmas Miracle, it involves a tiger and a jungle boy. Include the year 2022 in the story to make it seem like it is a real story

It came back offering me the following story:

Creating a 3000-word story within a single response is quite extensive and may exceed the limits of what I can provide here. However, I can definitely start the story for you, focusing on key elements that would make it engaging for a YouTube audience. You can then continue the story or let me know if you'd like additional segments. Here's the beginning:

Title: The Christmas Miracle of 2022: A Tiger's Heart

In the heart of the lush, vibrant jungle of India, 2022 was drawing to a close. The dense canopy above glittered with the soft light of the setting sun, casting a golden hue over the entire forest. It was here, among the whispering leaves and ancient trees, that a young boy named Arjun lived. Abandoned as a baby and raised by the gentle creatures of the jungle, Arjun had grown up under the watchful eyes of the forest.

Arjun had never seen a Christmas tree or heard the jingles of Christmas carols, yet the spirit of giving and love was not foreign to him. He knew the jungle, with its unspoken rules of survival and kinship. Every creature, big or small, was part of his family.

This year, something extraordinary happened that would change Arjun's life forever. It was a week before Christmas when Arjun first saw her – a majestic Bengal tiger, her coat a fiery shade of orange with bold black stripes. The villagers had named her Maya, the Illusion, for she was rarely seen but often felt. Her presence was a whisper in the wind, a shadow in the underbrush.

But Maya was in trouble. She had ventured too close to the village, lured by the scent of food, and was caught in a poacher's trap. Arjun found her limping, her paw bleeding, her eyes showing a mix of fear and defiance.

Arjun approached her slowly, speaking in soft, soothing tones. In the boy's eyes, Maya saw not a predator, but a kindred spirit. With great care, Arjun managed to release the trap's hold on her paw. He then led her to a safe haven deep in the jungle, where he tended to her wound using herbs and plants known to him through his life in the wild.

Days passed, and the bond between Arjun and Maya grew stronger. She became his shadow, following him silently through the jungle, her majestic presence a constant comfort. In return, Maya offered Arjun protection, her fierce gaze enough to ward off any danger.

On Christmas Eve, as a gentle snow began to fall over the jungle – a rare sight in these parts – the villagers gathered to celebrate. They spoke of a legend, a prophecy of a Christmas miracle that would bring harmony between man and nature. Little did they know, the miracle was unfolding deep in the heart of the jungle.

Arjun and Maya watched from a distance, the snowflakes settling on Maya's fur, making her look like a mystical creature from a fairy tale. It was then that Arjun realized the true magic of Christmas – it was about love, hope, and the incredible bond that he shared with Maya.

As the clock struck midnight, signaling the arrival of Christmas day, something miraculous happened. The villagers, who had long feared Maya, spotted her in the clearing. Instead of panic, a sense of awe and understanding filled their hearts. They saw the bond she shared with Arjun, a boy of their own kind, and realized that coexistence was possible.

From that day on, Maya was no longer just the Illusion. She became a symbol of hope and harmony, a reminder of the Christmas miracle that brought a boy and a tiger together. The story of Arjun and Maya spread far and wide, touching the hearts of all who heard it.

And so, the Christmas of 2022 was forever remembered as the year when a young jungle boy and a majestic tiger showed the world that love knows no boundaries, and miracles do happen.

And it came back with the following advice:

This beginning sets the stage for a heartwarming story that can be developed further. You can add more adventures, interactions with the villagers, and perhaps even a subplot involving the conservation of the jungle and its creatures. The story has the potential to be both entertaining and meaningful, perfect for a YouTube audience. Let me know if you'd like more of the story or any specific elements added!

I then asked: "Please give me a 16:9 aspect ration image that shows Arjun and Maya in the clearing" then a couple more prompts asking it to provide a photograph

and it replied:


The next step would be to run it through one of several services that will voice your story, again using AI. These services cost about $10 a month, so I did not bother to go through that step. After all, my kids accepted that the voice was a computer, they just didn't know how a computer could come up with such a realistic sounding story, they thought they MUST be true stories.

Noting that with experience, I'm sure I could come up with better prompting that would let me generate and voice and post to youtube several stories an hour. So I could probably create 20-50 click bait stories per working hour. 800 to 2000 per week! If I was creating the type that have images as well as the voice of the narrator, it would probably slow me down to 2 per hour, 80 per week (because in my country, 40 hours is considered a normal week. Though if I were in India, given the push for a 72 hour work week by a senior government official ... I'd be able to create fully formed, fully illustrated, for 144 per week. And at the rate of 2 per hour, I would only need one ChatGPT account because I would only rarely exceed the limits. So my external costs would be $30 USD per month.

So then my daughter, seeing this, asked for an image: how about a girl around her teens dressed up as a unicorn with her her puppy


She then asked for a story about the picture "now can you write a story like youtube click bait about the unicorn girl and her puppy and how they got the horns." and got this:

Title: The Magical Day When Emily Became a Unicorn and Her Puppy Sparky Joined the Adventure!

Once upon a time in a small, cozy town, there lived a teenage girl named Emily, known for her bright smile and imaginative spirit. Emily had always been fascinated by the magical world of unicorns. She dreamt of rainbows, sparkles, and adventures in enchanted forests. But little did she know, a truly magical day was just around the corner, a day that would turn her and her beloved puppy, Sparky, into the talk of the town!

It all started on a sunny Saturday morning. Emily was browsing through her favorite thrift store, searching for something unique for the upcoming town fair. Hidden between old costumes and forgotten treasures, she stumbled upon something extraordinary – a beautiful, hand-crafted unicorn costume! It was complete with a shimmering horn, a flowing mane-like wig, and sparkling makeup. Her heart leaped with joy. "This is it! I’m going to be a unicorn!" she exclaimed.

But what about Sparky, her playful little puppy? As if by magic, right next to the costume, Emily found a tiny, adorable unicorn horn made just for dogs. It was as if the universe had conspired to make her dream come true. She bought them without a second thought.

Back home, Emily dressed up in her unicorn costume, and to her delight, Sparky loved his little horn too. They looked in the mirror, and for a moment, it felt like they had stepped into a magical world. Emily with her sparkling horn and Sparky with his miniature one, they were a sight to behold!

Determined to share their joy, Emily and Sparky set out to the town fair. As they walked down the street, everyone they passed was mesmerized. Children giggled and pointed, and adults couldn't help but smile. Emily and Sparky became instant celebrities, with people asking for photos and marveling at their adorable outfits.

At the fair, they were the center of attention. Emily felt like a real unicorn, spreading joy and magic wherever she went. Sparky, trotting proudly by her side, basked in the adoration of everyone he met. They danced, played games, and even won the "Best Dressed" prize at the fair.

But the real magic happened when they reached the park. As the sun set, casting a golden glow, something incredible occurred. A group of children, inspired by Emily and Sparky, began playing and pretending to be various magical creatures. Soon, the park was filled with laughter and imagination, transforming it into a wonderland.

The story of Emily and Sparky, the girl and her puppy who became unicorns for a day, spread like wildfire. People shared pictures and videos on social media, captioning them with heartwarming messages about believing in magic and the power of imagination. The duo didn't just brighten the town's day; they inspired people far and wide to find joy in the little things and to keep the spirit of wonder alive.

As night fell, Emily and Sparky returned home, their hearts full of joy and their minds buzzing with unforgettable memories. They had started the day as just a girl and her puppy, but they ended it as symbols of magic, hope, and happiness.

And so, the story of the Unicorn Girl and her Magical Puppy became a sensation, a tale that reminded everyone that sometimes, all you need to make a day magical is a bit of imagination, a dash of daring, and a heart full of joy.

This story, crafted with elements of surprise and wonder, is designed to captivate a YouTube audience, encouraging clicks with its blend of magic, charm, and the heartwarming bond between a girl and her puppy.